Christmas Recital 2016

Thanks to our "angels" for the beautiful songs!

Introduction and Program
Glory to God!

The Providence Academy sings “Glory to God in the Highest”. This was the title of the Christmas recital 2016 which follows the theme of the school year “Gratitude and Gratuitousness “.

Ms. Mirna Geha introduced her welcoming speech with the words of the French novelist, Victor Hugo, “The spirit grows with what it receives the heart with what it gives”. Her words emphasized the joy of sharing, prayer and the meaning of the Nativity scene in the Christmas celebration that the students have developed during the period of Advent.

The main song of the recital “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will” was harmoniously orchestrated with other related songs, thanks to the hard work of the educational team, the expertise of Maya Dib, the music teacher and director of recital, Toni Yazbec, the sound engineer, and Jean-Paul Salameh, the violinist.

Thank you to Father Jean-Pierre Fredette for his warm welcome! Thank you to the educational team for the joyous atmosphere and the love that prevailed during the recital! Thanks to our “angels” for the beautiful songs and the magic of their pure, crystalline voices!