2016 Graduation and School Year End Celebration


The End of the School Year Celebration and the Graduation 2016

Director’s Speech 2016

I am pleased to greet you all in this festive atmosphere that incorporates graduation and the theme inspired by the title of the latest apostolic exhortation of Pope Francis on the family: Laetitia Amoris, The Joy of Love.

“The Joy of Love” provided an opportunity for teachers to create a happy environment and educate the joy of living for students as part of the current school year theme “Laudato Si”, “Praised be you, my Lord”. It allowed our students to not only experience the happy moments in school, but also learn to be kind, and communicate to others by the aid of the joy of life germinated in them.

Thus a whole cultural program, integrated during religion, French and art lessons, gave the opportunity for students to live through moments of grace by preparing to celebrate various festivities related to music and dance. During the show, which portrayed a variety of singing and classical and folk dance, students were able to showcase their artistic talents, trilingual skills and the professional leadership of the educational team.

With my sincere congratulations to the parents, I thank the teaching staff for their dedication and professionalism as well as the parents’ Committee for all the support that promotes the development of students and their success. To the “Graduates, I will say I am proud of you and happy with your efforts and your marks throughout the years spent in the Academy. Keep it up! May the Divine Providence, patron of your school, be with you always. Open your heart and intelligence and move with a firm step. It is her who teaches you to cultivate “the joy of love” and succeed!