Christmas is love! (Cycle 3) 2016

Event details

Two main songs, with the message of love, were interpreted by the students of cycle 3 who were joined with the 2nd graders. The first song, guided by the spirit of Christmas, emphasized love, hope and the joy to love found in family. The following parts of the song “Noël, c’est l’amour” have been translated from French: “Christmas is love, come and sing, you, my brother, Christmas is an eternal heart! And I on earth hear your soft and clear voice, O my mother who sings Christmas!” In the second song ” Le Noël de la rue “, we heard the messages of the light and joy that this Christmas Season provides after the children who make the wind cry in the street, “go sniffing, empty hands and nose up in the air looking for a splendid star”. The children concluded their singing with “Glory to God”.

Bravo, dear students of the highest cycle! Thank you to the educational team that accompanied the students, especially Mrs. Maya Dib, Mr. Toni Yazbec and Mr. Jean-Paul Salameh!