Grade 1 to 6 Program 2016

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 Grade 1 to 6

Throughout the third quarter of our ceremony, 2nd and 3rd cycles’ teachers had the desire to educate their students on “The Joy of Love” and the joy of living. Thus, a variety of activities have been programmed to stimulate students to explore and to love life, to be dedicated and have a gentle heart, to exercise hospitality and to develop respect towards others.

“The joy in the family” with grade 2 students introduced this part of the show that was opened with a folk dance “Byadirna” performed by grade 3 to 6. Followed, “The joy of dance” with the grade 6 students, “Viva l’Academie” with grade 3 students, and the joy of the theatre with grades 4 and 5 students “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” of Molière.

Thank you to the teaching staff of cycles 2 and 3 for providing their students with the opportunity to learn and germinate in them the joy of life, to cultivate the joy of love, to experience moments of grace and gratitude in the manner of Montaigne who stated “love life and cultivate it as it has pleased God to grant it us.”