Grades 2 to 6 • Program 2017

Event details

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary. To pay tribute to this beautiful country, Canada, was one of the objectives of the end of year show.

As part of Canada’s 150th Anniversary and throughout the school year, the teachers of cycles 2 and 3 were working hard to develop the students’ civic values and the meaning of citizenship in addition to gestures of gratitude and gratuitousness.

Thus, during the end of year show entitled “O Canada that I love so much!” and under the supervision of Mrs. Carmen and Mrs. Mireille, the students of the 2nd cycle paid tribute to this beautiful country through their dances and skits related to the diverse cultures such as Amerindian, Quebecers, Lebanese, Syrian, Armenian, and Haitian that characterize Canada’s multiculturalism. This part was wrapped up by the song “Our Multicultural School” that reflects our school’s rich cultural mosaic. A theatrical play entitled “A Journey in Time” about famous Canadian personalities was presented by the 3rd cycle students. This play was worked on by the students under the supervision of the French teacher, Miss. Mirna.

Thank you to the teachers of cycles 2 and 3, in particular Mrs. Carmen Maalouf, Mrs. Mireille Béchara and Miss. Mirna Geha for teaching their students to pay tribute to their country. Thank you to Mrs. Samira Sader and Mrs. Carole Bridy for the delightful decor! Bravo, to the students of cycle 3 for the superb theatrical sections on the Canadian multiculturalism and famous Canadian personalities!