Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony 2016

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Congratulations class of 2016

Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony

On behalf of the Providence Academy, Ms. Mirna Geha, the grade 6 classroom teacher, states during the second part of the ceremony:

“It is a pleasure to have this graduation ceremony centered on the theme” The Joy of Love “! There will be immense enjoyment throughout sharing the joy in the family with the grade 2 students, the joy of dance with the grade 6 students, the joy of the Providence Academy with the grade 3 students and the joy of the theatre with grades 4 and 5 students who will demonstrate this through the performance “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” of Molière.

Before we listen to you, our dear grade 6 students, presenting your graduation speeches that you have written, I must say that I am pleased to wish you the best of luck and success in your future. I am positive that you will succeed and become outstanding people in our society. You lack neither the intelligence nor the effort that you know how to deploy when necessary. Wish you all the best! ”

This speech ended by the invitation of the Graduates to hand the school symbol to their friends in grade 5: the flag of the Academy, a symbol of its identity and its human and spiritual values; the torch symbol of hope and light that illuminates the road of the students; the cap, symbol of success and academic excellence.