Graduation Ceremony • SKG 2017

Event details

Kindergarten graduates are honored!!

“My Angels, the school year has passed at high speed and the time of the harvest is already here! Congratulations! With these words, Sr. May Ghorra, a senior kindergarten teacher (SKG), introduced a loving speech to her “Angels” at the graduation ceremony held on June 1st.

“My fatigue fades away when I realize how much I love you my dear ones, each and every one,” she continues. “And when I realize it’s time to say goodbye, it saddens me. But this step is inevitable because it is the first foundation of a brilliant future.”

“Dear parents, I hope that we, Mrs. Manale and me, have been up to your expectations, throughout this year. Thank you for your trust! My beloved ones, The Providence Academy has the great pleasure to welcome you in grade 1at the beginning of the school year in September. Best wishes and have great holidays! ”

A sincere thank you is presented to Sr. May Ghorra and Mrs. Manale Soueid for their commitment and continuous effort, which greatly contributed to the development of the SKG students. Best wishes of success in grade 1 to our dear kindergarten graduates and congratulations to their proud parents!