Jesus, the Divine Child of Mary! (Cycle 2) 2016

Event details

The birth of the Divine Child dominated this part of the recital. The first song performed in English focused on Bethlehem, the crib, the star, and the hearts of the angels, whose celestial songs attracted the shepherds to a cold, dark manger in which the Divine Child slept on the straw. A second hymn was to interpret the march of the three kings, who on a golden chariot, were guided by the stars. With their vows, the kings offered gold, myrrh and incense as their precious presents to the Son of God who was born at that place. That was not all! The students of cycle 2 also joined cycle 3 students to sing in Arabic “Kenne nzayen shajra sghiri” by Fairouz and in English, “Glory to God”.

Congratulations to our Cycle 2 Angels! Thank you to your teachers, especially the animator of your beautiful songs, Mrs. Maya Dib, Mr. Toni Yazbec and Mr. Jean-Paul Salameh!