JKG – Grade 1 • Program 2017

Event details

 O Canada that I love so much! To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary by discovering the joy of dancing.

“Our students in cycle 1 and the Kindergarten will perform a wonderful variety of songs, dances, and skits.” With these words, Mrs. Lisette introduced her presentation of the first part of the program which was inaugurated by the Canadian and the Lebanese national anthems.

“This year,” she continues, “our show introduces a novelty: classical ballet, an extracurricular activity launched at the Academy at the beginning of the second semester of the current school year. Our ballerinas will move gracefully on the tip of their toes and enchant us with a beautiful dance. You would also be amazed by the three beautiful presentations of the Lebanese traditional dance, the Dabké, performed by three groups of dancers.”

Congratulations to the teachers of cycle 1 and grade 1, including Mrs. Manale Soueid and Mr. Toni Yazbek, dance teachers, for choosing this kind of activities that cultivates amazement and joy in students. A big thank you is presented to Mrs. Inaam Nahhas and Mrs. Lisette Mazraani for the welcoming speech, Mrs. Glenny Saykaly for the students’ graceful hairstyle and Mrs. Souad Moubarak for the quality and the elegance reflected by the costumes of the classical dance.