Science Fair 2017 • Grades 1, 2 and 3

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 Our Cycle 2 Young Scientists

To initiate students to question the world and to familiarize themselves with the scientific and technological investigation processes were, among others, the objectives of the 2017 Science Fair for Cycle 2 students.

To achieve these objectives, the teaching team had planned twenty-one projects in three different domains for grade 1students: the physical world, matter and the living animal world. It was amusing to see the students, who were divided into three groups, manipulate their respective themes!

Divided into eight groups, the 2nd graders focused on different experiments in the field of matter and natural phenomena: magnet, air, water, salt, gas, how to make an electromagnet, making the salt particles dance and explaining why, inflating a balloon in a bottle, putting a straw through a potato or an apple.

Inquiries such as “The magic of oil”, “Extinguishing a candle without blowing”, “The elephant toothpaste”, interested the grade 3 students, who in groups of two succeeded to present with ease their experiments which demonstrated their degree of knowledge and the respect for the scientific investigation process which Mrs. Carmen initiated in them.

Congratulations to the dear students of cycle 2 and to their proud parents! Thanks to Mrs. Carmen for her effort put into familiarizing the students with the scientific and technological investigation process! Thank you to Mrs. Mireille, Mrs. Inaam, and Ms. Mirna for their precious collaboration!