Science Fair 2017 • Grades 4, 5 and 6

Event details

 Learning to Discover the World

The science fair encourages students to discover the World and introduces them to the scientific and technological investigation processes.

Learning to carry out projects and to discover the world is one of the objectives of the study of Science and Technology. In collaboration with the teaching team, Mrs. Carmen Maalouf had planned the 2017 Science Fair projects for Cycle 3, aiming at developing the sense for research and the familiarization with the scientific approach.

In fact, the 4th graders, divided into groups of two, had to investigate the properties of certain materials such as “The secret of saliva, starch, the cleaning effect of lemon, and oil that floats on the surface of water. This is since oil is less dense than water, which creates different movements resembling the water waves of the oceans.”

The 5th and 6th graders had the task of sharing the discovery of renewable energy by focusing on four diverse types of energies. The production of these types of energy is increasingly taking the place of currently used resources because of the world’s population growth: solar energy, tidal energy, wind and geothermal energy.

The clearly titled projects, supported by models and documentary research, were projected on the interactive board. This made it possible to distinguish a logical plan comprising of a brief description of the field of study which related back to the appropriate steps of the scientific method.

Congratulations to the dear parents and their children in cycle 3 for the hard work with which their research was carried out! Thank you to the members of the teaching team, especially to the teachers Carmen Maalouf, Mireille Béchara and Mirna Géha for their professionalism!