Science Fair 2017 • Junior Kindergarten JKG

Event details

 To explore the world, to discover matter, what a pleasure!

To encourage children to observe, to enjoy manipulating objects and to discover matter were the educational objectives of Mrs. Lisette in organizing the 2017 Science Fair for her JKG class.

Divided into eight groups of two, the students were to focus on their respective activities to demonstrate, with joy and enthusiasm, the properties they discovered, manipulating objects and experimenting with the following subjects that Mrs. Lisette had displayed in a decorative and harmonious setting on the screen of her interactive board: Your voice makes the salt dance – A multicolored cocktail – A funny paste that drips – Paper that stays dry – A drop and it starts again! Swirls of color – Like bubbles of champagne – It floats, It sinks!

Bravo, dear JKG students! Keep it up! Thank you, Mrs. Lisette, for the choice of these experiments, whose interest is not only to inspire children to observe and enjoy discovering but also to enrich their vocabulary and develop their socializing skills!