Science Fair 2017 • Nursery I and II

Event details

 Foster the students’ curiosity and their sense of observation

To have knowledge on everything in the universe such as volcanic eruption, magic milk and mixing primary colors to create secondary colors, this was the preoccupation of the little ones during the period preceding the presentation of their activity for the Science Fair 2017 under the supervision of educators Salam Azzi, Nadège Nzigimana et Nadine Yammine.

The event took place in front of the parents who cheerfully applauded the presentations of their children. The little scientists were so excited by the reassuring presence of their parents that they spoke in a funny and amusing way.

Congratulations, my dear little ones! Thank you to Mrs Jacynthe Bergeron and her teaching team for these interesting activities that contribute to the development of the sense of observation in children, which awaken their curiosity of exploration, and which introduce them to the scientific method through games!