Speakers « en bourgeons » 2016

Event details

To provide the students with the opportunity to gain more self-confidence and oral expression in French were the educational objectives of the public speaking performance for the preschool and kindergarten classes.

1. This is how the TPS students presented by Paulina Abou Nehme, a 5th grade student, and with a heart filled with enthusiasm, had the pleasure to sing “The Stars in the Sky” and “Politeness”. The PS children sang “Thank you a thousand times thank you” followed by “How are you?” after words of encouragement from Marie-Joe, a 5th grade student as well.

2. “Make way for the Moyenne Section (Junior kindergarten) students who are going to thank life in their own way, through words and by singing a song by Linda Thalia.” With these words, Léa Abouzeid presented the Moyenne Section (Junior kindergarten), whose students gave the floor to express their thanks before interpreting the collective song: “for the water in the sky, hearts that forgive, the shadows that flee, hope that shines on me, I say thank you. Thanks to the life, to the dawn of the nights, to you who smile at me! All clouds are passing, make from wrecks your courage and of love your only shore.”

3. Let us be grateful! How to say Thank You” were the words of Maria El-Chantiri, a 6th grade student, who invited GS (Senior Kindergarten) students to go on stage to address the audience before performing their song:” I wake up in the morning with warm hugs from dad and mom, I say thank you God! I do not buy the air that I breathe; I do not buy the beautiful sun, nor trees that surround me. Thank you God! Let’s be grateful for what we are and what we have and glory to God!

Bravo, the speakers “en bourgeons”! Thanks to the preschool and kindergarten teachers, Paulna, Sr. Suzanne, Viviane, Salam, Nadège, Nadine, Lisette, and Rita, for the success of this show built around the concept of Thanksgiving and gratitude! Thanks to Paulina, Marie- Joe, Léa, and Maria for their excellent presentation!