Speakers in the making 2016

Event details

“The group of the highest grades chose to tell us stories intended to communicate a message of beauty, gratuitousness, compassion and happiness. And that’s not all! A moving letter to a Canadian soldier demonstrates gratitude to those who sacrifice themselves for others. Let’s applaud the highest graders! Such was the word of Pierre Gignac for the presentation of his classmates.

The scene opens with a dialogue in Arabic around two trees that boasted of their service of kindness to humanity followed by the tale of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Match Girl presented by four students. This tale, intended to show that free gestures of kindness and charity are always rewarded, ends with a happy ending imagined by the students and applying the proverb “Who sow, harvest!”

The letter of thanks in English addressed to Canadian Veterans on Remembrance Day, as well as the English response, which emphasized the love of the homeland, testified not only to the development of linguistic abilities But also of their patriotic sense and their gratitude to those who sacrificed themselves for the sovereignty of Canada. The show ended with a beautiful song in Spanish. “Gracias A Ti Himno”! “Thank You to Your Hymn”!

Thanks to the educational team and the “Speakers in the Making” for all the efforts made to prepare for the event that responded to the objectives of the activity, in particular the composition of the speech and presenting it to an audience. Congratulations for the success during the show which demonstrated a good acquisition of public speaking presented in four languages and showing excellent eloquence!