TPS – CP Program 2016

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“Long live life, long live life, it’s so good to sing when you feel sick, as it will help you feel better. Love helps discovers the hidden qualities. We laugh; we dance, and thus are happy all day. Give a little love; you will receive back.” This was the message of “The Joy of Love” which introduced the first part of the program opened by both the Canadian and Lebanese national anthems..

The Dabke “Tallohabna” performed by a group of MS/(JK) and GS/ (SK), followed “The children’s joy of hot chocolate” with the GS/ (SK), “Perfect joy with MS”, and “La Bastringue, the joy of being Canadian ” with grade 1 students.

Thank you to the 1st cycle teachers for the effort put into helping their students grow and succeed and for the choice of activities that allowed them to learn about the wonder and joy of living and loving.