2017 Graduation and School Year End Celebration

O Canada that I love so much!

The End of the School Year Celebration and 2017 Graduation

A message from the school principal

Canada’s 150th Anniversary gave the educational team an opportunity to create a special environment for the students, by integrating the theme of the current school year “Gratitude and Gratuitousness”. Celebrating festivities related to the Canadian culture and educating civic values were the objectives of the end of year show that took place on June 1st.

Thus, a whole cultural program, integrated into moral and civic education classes, French and visual arts, gave students the opportunity to live joyful moments by preparing to celebrate various festivities related to the Canadian culture and the multiculturalism that characterizes it. During the show, which was set to the rhythm of a variety of singing and classical and folk dance, it testified both the artistic talents of the students as well as the professional guidance of the teaching staff..

At the end of the show, the parents were pleased to take pictures with their children in the “photo booth” at the entrance of the Academy where they were welcomed by a totem, made by the students and reflecting the values lived at the Academy: the bee representing the joy of celebrating as a family; The eagle, the courage; The ant, the patience; The seal, love; The tortoise, the wisdom.

Congratulations to the parents and the Parents’ Committee for all the support that fosters the students’ development and their success, and to the teaching staff for their dedication and professionalism. To the Graduates, we would like to express our best wishes for more success in cycle 2. And for all those who made this celebration, as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, our most grateful thanks!