2019 Graduation and School Year End Celebration

"The Circle of Life"

A beautiful quote and a beautiful title

A message from the school principal 2019

“He who does not dance is cut off from reality. I consider wasted any day I have not danced”. With this idea of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Mrs. Lisette closed her welcoming speech at the end of the year show entitled “The Circle of Life”. A beautiful quote and a beautiful title that aims to celebrate life through cultural activities including dance in its variety, folk as well as classic and modern!

Thus, a whole educational and cultural program offered as part of physical education and dance classes throughout the school year allowed students to experience moments of joy and self-fulfillment through the benefits of dance. This end-of-year show, which was a real “Celebration of the body” as defined by Paul Valérie, integrated the graduation of the Senior Kindergarten students whose success we wish to celebrate as they will take a new step in their school path this September.

Congratulations to the dear students and to their proud parents and our thanks to the teaching team for its commitment and professionalism, especially Mrs. Lisette Mazraani for her welcoming words, Mrs. Manale Soueid and Mr. Toni Yazbec for the choice of engaging and entertaining choreographies, and Sr. May Ghorra for her professionalism. To the Graduates, we wish you all the best for Cycle 2, as well as for all those who made this celebration so enjoyable!