2020-2021 Graduation and End of School Year Celebration

Congratulations and tributes

Graduation and End of School Year Celebration

A Message from School Principal 2020-2021

We have come together virtually to end the school in the 2nd year of the Covid-19 era that was an unusual and challenging school year, but also full of effort and success despite the many hours of virtual learning, often grueling for children, teachers, parents and despite the face-to-face school days spent in an unpleasant climate due to the risk of outbreaks and viral transmission.

We had great hope, like many of you, to return to class for a few days before the end of the unusual school year. Unfortunately, we were informed that the return to in-class learning could not take place before the fall of 2021.

We only have to thank the Divine Providence for all the wonders on this solemn day of the Sacred Heart, and with you all I praise the Lord for the health, the physical and mental well-being of our entire Providence Academy family and for the harvest of the good fruits of a school year which has passed out of the ordinary.

• Sincere thanks to each one of you, dear parents, for your courage, your collaboration and your perseverance. Assisting and supporting your children in their virtual learning was not easy for you. But you persevered until the end of the school year. You have taken up the challenge!

• Greetings to the members of the Parents’ Committee among you for their gesture of love towards the students, despite the pandemic, and I pay tribute to the members of the Providence Academy board for their availability during the three meetings that we had held during the current school year to discuss major pedagogical issues.

• Many thanks to Mrs. Amanda Azzi, representative of the Providence Academy Board and the Parents’ Committee for her very warm and encouraging message.

• Sincere thanks to the teaching and educational team supervised by Sr Nisrine, for their commitment and professionalism, for the hard work, and for the patience that each and every one has shown during the school year which is demanding in itself in normal times, and much more so in an abnormal climate which imposed on you many new adaptations!

• Congratulations to the beloved students for their attendance, their adaptability, and their success despite all the difficulties encountered, to the teachers of KG2 and the 4ème (grade 8) for their dedication throughout the school year. To the “Graduates, KG2 and 4ème (grade 8) and their teachers, all our compliments and our best wishes for further success.

To you all, our best wishes for a happy summer full of health and happiness!