We offer an education that promote academic excellence where the best opportunities are provided so every student can learn, grow, succeed and become a responsible person!
The teaching program of the Providence Academy meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Ontario, integrates the teaching program of the Ministry of Education of France and incorporates the educative philosophy of the Antonine Sisters (personalize and whole group) together with montessorien principles in a structures and inter cultural environment. The pedagogical approach respects the pace and learning style of each student to procure the development of the autonomy and self-esteem of each student. The Providence Academy is the only Catholic Private French School that offers such a program in Ontario.



3 year educational program for students of 3 to 5 years old.

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primary and intermediate

<h4>primary and intermediate</h4>

The program addresses students from 6 till 13 years old.

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particularities of the program

<h4>particularities of the program</h4>

Committed to offering an enriched curriculum for our students.

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We invite you to view our quality programs from nursery to intermediate school.

At Academy Providence we incorporates the educative philosophy of the Antonine Sisters with montessori structure. By selecting one of the programs at the side you can view your childs learning content and schedule.