Academy Providence

Owned and operated by the Congregation of the Antonine Sisters Canada which is a non-profitable organization. The Ministry of education BSID number for the Antonine Sisters Providence Academy is 665548. The Head of the Providence Academy is a member of the Antonine Sisters.

Administrative Staff and teachers: 

Students are supervised by qualified and experienced staff that possesses the qualifications required by the College of Teachers of Ontario to work in the field of education. The educational team, supervised by Antonine religious, applies a dynamic and challenging educational approach and participates in workshops that are offered periodically by the school or by the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

Teaching Staff: 

Highly qualified, competent and professional. Most of the teachers belong or meet the teaching standards of the Ontario College of Teachers. They are expected to participate in the workshops offered periodically.

 Criminal reference check: 

Each member of the teaching staff as well as each employee submitted a criminal reference check in conformity with the regulation 498/01 of the Law on Ontario Income Tax.

 First Aid: 

All the staff has a CPR certificate, renewed every 2 years.

 Pedagogical approach: 

A dynamic and stimulating approach in a structured and safe learning environment and with a discipline avowing the personal growth of each individual in a multi-national cultural surrounding.

 Medication and Allergies: 

Providence Academy staff will administer medication only if a written request and dosage are submitted by the parents. Nuts peanut and products derived from nuts are strictly prohibited at school.

 School material: 

The costs of the school material (school books, school supplies, Student-account) must pay before school begins in September by the parents following the requirements of the Providence Academy.

 School and gym uniforms: 

School and gym uniforms create a better learning environment. The uniform is required and will be paid by the parents following the requirements of the Providence Academy. Refer to Annex 5 Uniform Code.


Transportation is the parents’ responsibility. Carpooling can be made possible.