Enriched Curriculum

1. Providence Academy is fully committed to offer an enriched curriculum and an educational environment that cultivates and enlightens the total development of the students.

2. Trilingual Academic Program: French and English are taught as a first language, International language as a second language.

3. The academic program puts the accent on the basic skills such as French, English, (oral communication, reading, grammar, writing) Mathematics and Science.

4. Religious and Moral Education is taught in French starting in kindergarten. The international Language is taught as a second language, starting from age of 4. English is taught from the first year of the Primary Cycle.

5. The Humanities’ teaching favors an international openness of the world we live in through the study of Geography and History; All this fosters “savoir-faire”, mannerism, and knowledge.

6. French is the language of communication and instruction. The communication with parents can be in English or Arabic.

7. Full time and small classes for Preschool (1:8) and (1:16) with a maximum of (1:24) for higher level, providing time for individual attention and favouring participation.

8. The pedagogical program is completed with cultural and experimental activities and field trips.

9. Lessons and homework are given on a daily basis at the rate of 20 to 45 min from Primary 1 to 3 and of an hours and a half for others.

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