The evaluation is the verification of the level of knowledge acquisition and the efficiency of a pedagogical approach.

The students profit of an ongoing evaluation in order to control their academic progress.  An examination of the core curriculum subjects is administered for each trimester.  The obtained result is expressed by a % on the report card given to the parents.  A copy of the report card is kept in the Student’s Record Folder.  Anecdotal comments pertaining to the strength and weaknesses of the student and proposing strategies to improve are equally indicated in the report card.

Four levels of success of which level 3 is the provincial average required by the Ontario Ministry of Education:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
50% – 59% 60% – 69% 70% – 79% 80% – 99%
10 – 11 / 20 12 – 13 / 20 14 – 15 / 20 16+ /20
D- à  D+ C- à  C+ B- à  B+ A- à   A+
Need to improve Satisfactory Controlled Superior
limited acquisition Being acquired Must be strengthened Acquired

Provincial Testing 
These are skill tests, in reading, writing and mathematics, from the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)/ the office responsible for the quality of Education (OQRE) for levels 3 and 6. They remain optional for Private Institution.

Resources and Services 
The school includes attractive Sport facilities, Art room, Documentation and Resource facilities, Computer facilities and Laboratory. The students have access to the Municipal Libraries close by and the school benefits from the orientation services that assure continuity with the resources of the community.  They also have access to different resources on the internet.

Attendance and Punctuality are two qualities contributing to the success.  Parents are invited to justify any absence or tardiness that are consigned in the Ministry of Education School Register.

Pupils Supervision Policy 
In order to provide a safe environment for all pupils at all times, direct unsupervised access is not permitted for persons who are not employees of the Providence daycare. Students and volunteers are not counted in the teacher/child ratio.

In addition, teachers appointed to a student are also responsible for the supervision and evaluation of that individual. Staff is always present with the group of children and the student in training.



 Additional Educational Services

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