You can complete the re-registration and registration forms online by completing the application below.
We start excepting applications beginning January 1st of each year.

Application Fees: 

The filing fee is $1000. This amount, non-refundable, covers the process of registration formalities, the administration of the entrance examination, if any. After March 31, registrations are accepted according to availability.

Registration Process: 

1 . Age of entry:

  • TPS and PS  2:30 and 3 years: will be admitted to the Providence Educational Center (Building Annex to the Providence Academy). For more information, please contact us at 613-744-0010 or refer to the site web of the Centre Éducatif Providence Sœurs Antonines:;
  • Kindergarten 4 years: the age of 4 years by 31 December of the year of entry;
  • Preschool 5 years: reaching the age of 5 before 31 December of the year of entry;
  • Primary 1: having reached the age of 6 years before December 31 of the year of entry.

2 . Success of the input given to students entering Primary examination:
This examination is to test the knowledge of students in French, English and mathematics, is held to the second half of March.

3 . Entry into kindergarten:
An interview with the child takes place before registration in order to verify his understanding and expression in French. private french school in ottawa

Admission Forms

STEP 1: Please complete the appropriate registration forms below. Submissions will be accepted before January 31. After this date, registration will be accepted on availability.

Please choose one of the following:
Registration Forms
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Re-registration Forms
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Important School Forms

STEP 2: Please print and read the appropriate forms below pertaining to your childs enrolment.

Please download forms below:
Parents Guide
This guide presents the educational philosophy of the Providence Academy and its educational program. It also provides you with administrative information and educational and informs you of the rules of the Academy as well as measures taken in relation to the health and safety of students. Click Here →
School and Gym Uniforms
The school uniform class and physical activity helps to create a better learning environment. They are de rigueur at the school year and will be paid by the parents as required by the Academy Providence.

Girls and Boys: Click Here →
Textbooks and School Supplies
• Nursery I (TPS) Download →
• Nursery II (PS) Download →
• KGI (MS) Download →
• KGII (GS) Download →
• Gr. 1 (CP) Download →
• Gr. 2 (CE1) Download →
• Gr. 3 (CE2) Download →
• Gr. 4 (CM1) Download →
• Gr. 5 (CM2) Download →
• Gr. 6 (6ème) Download →
• Gr 7 (5ème) Download →
• Gr 8 (4ème) Download →