You can complete the re-registration and registration forms online by completing the application below.
We start excepting applications beginning January 1st of each year.

Application Fees: 

The filing fee is $1000. This amount, non-refundable, covers the process of registration formalities, the administration of the entrance examination, if any. After March 31, registrations are accepted according to availability.

Registration Process: 

1 . Age of entry:

  • TPS and PS  2:30 and 3 years: will be admitted to the Providence Educational Center (Building Annex to the Providence Academy). For more information, please contact us at 613-744-0010 or refer to the site web of the Centre Éducatif Providence Sœurs Antonines:;
  • Kindergarten 4 years: the age of 4 years by 31 December of the year of entry;
  • Preschool 5 years: reaching the age of 5 before 31 December of the year of entry;
  • Primary 1: having reached the age of 6 years before December 31 of the year of entry.

2 . Success of the input given to students entering Primary examination:
This examination is to test the knowledge of students in French, English and mathematics, is held to the second half of March.

3 . Entry into kindergarten:
An interview with the child takes place before registration in order to verify his understanding and expression in French. private french school in ottawa


Admission Forms

STEP 1: Please complete the appropriate registration forms below. Submissions will be accepted before January 31. After this date, registration will be accepted on availability.

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Important School Forms

STEP 2: Please print and read the appropriate forms below pertaining to your childs enrolment.

Textbooks and School Supplies

• Nursery I (TPS) → Download
• Nursery II (PS) → Download
• KGI (MS) → Download
• KGII (GS) → Download
• Gr. 1 (CP) → Download
• Gr. 2 (CE1) → Download
• Gr. 3 (CE2) → Download
• Gr. 4 (CM1) → Download
• Gr. 5 (CM2) → Download
• Gr. 6 (6ème) → Download
• Gr 7 (5ème) → Download
• Gr 8 (4ème) → Download