Tuition fees

Providence Academy is a registered non-profit organization, financially self-supporting. Operating costs are covered by parents fees. Reductions will be applied for families of 2 children or more attending the Providence Academy at the same time.

Method of Payment

1. Upon registration, parents pay an amount as a deposit. This non-refundable amount reserves a place at the Academy Providence and covers the processing of registration formalities and the administration of the entrance examination, if any. The first payment of annual school fees is payable before September 1st.

2. Tuition fees do not cover the cost of the following items: textbooks, school supplies, student account, school uniform, optional charges which are: educational daycare before and after school, hot meal, tutoring, etc. These additional fees are paid in the beginning of the school year.

3. The invoice and the statement account will be delivered electronically to parents.

4. Parents may submit post-dated checks payable to the Academy Providence in the two methods described above (Table I).

5. Cash is accepted. Payments are also accepted via your electronic invoice using Visa or Mastercard (1.75% fee applies) and American Express (2.5% fee applies) or Debit (1% applies).

6. An additional 2% for late payment and $ 40 per returned cheque.

 Tax Deductions 

A receipt for tax exemptions will be given to parents in February. Percentage of fees subject to a tax deduction for religious education costs and childcare for students enrolled in primary; it may vary according to the law.

Cancellations, Dismissal and Withdrawl 

•The direction of Providence Academy reserves the right to refuse the admission or to remove any student whose behavior is inappropriate, that does not meet all school rules set by the Academy or who fails his/her school year. Such a decision is final and without appeal.

•The direction of Providence Academy reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove any student whose parents do not adhere to the educational philosophy of the Academy or do not meet all school rules. Such decision will be submitted to the Board of Directors and any confirmation of this decision is final and without appeal.

 Reimbursement terms:
In the case of withdrawal, the parents agree to submit to the direction of Providence Academy a written notice of withdrawal. The prepaid tuition, reduced from the reservation deposit, will be refunded as follows:

Date of receiving
the withdrawal notice
Percentage Reimbursed
1 Before April 30 of the previous school year 90%
2 From May 1 to June 30 of the previous school year 70%
3 From July 1 to August 3 before the school year 50%
4 From September 1 to September 30 of the school year 30%
5 After September 30 of the academic year no refund

This refund policy also applies to any withdrawal request initiated by the Academy Providence. All refunds will be made payable to the person who signed the tuition cheques within thirty days from the date of withdrawal.

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Tuition Fees

Providence Academy is a non-profit that occurs on its own needs. Operating expenses are covered by the fees that will be charged to parents.

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