Celebrating Christmas differently in 2021, It’s awesome!

Celebrating Christmas

differently in 2021, It's awesome!

Celebrating Christmas at school has become a much-awaited tradition. How did the students of the Providence Academy celebrate this year? There was no lack of initiatives during this pandemic time.

The activities on the program since November 22nd and accomplished over many weeks were the following: morning prayer to the saint of their choice after having learned about him with the help of their parents; sharing with the other students their saint’s biography with a PowerPoint presentation; making their own statuette of their saint to decorate the Christmas tree at home. In parallel to these activities came gestures of love that contributed to a beautiful festive preparation as well as spiritual. The students showed compassion, solidarity and generosity which brought them the true Christmas spirit.

A Christmas concert with parents in attendance was not possible this year due to Covid-19. Therefore, with very strict sanitary measures and in a joyous and festive spirit, the students created a “Christmas Village” with the help of their teachers and supervised by Sr Nisrine. Parents were able to participate virtually. Touring other countries and finding out how these countries celebrate Christmas followed this joyous event. To conclude the festivities, mass was celebrated by Fr. Georges Antabi at two different times during the week of December 20th.

Congratulations for all the wonderful, uplifting and comforting initiatives. Thank you to all who participated. May the blessings of this Christmas season be abundant in the life of our great family, the Academy Providence!