Christmas Recital 2018

Let’s sing Immanuel with Mary!

Introduction and program-Christmas 2018
A Message from the Principal

Let’s sing Immanuel with Mary!

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel which means ‘God with us’”, such was the Biblical verse that inspired the 2018 Christmas recital presented by the Providence Academy “Angels” in an atmosphere full of wonder and joy of Christmas.

“God our Father, who has marvelously created humanity, has more marvelously restored his dignity by making us participate in his divinity through the nativity of his son among us, so that the story of salvation may be fulfilled. We are all gathered tonight to celebrate this unconditional love of God for his people. Yes, God loved the world very much that he sent his only son born of the Virgin Mary, the sweetest and most tender mother, to whom we dedicate our recital of this year.” With this spiritual thought, Mrs. Manale Soueid, the dance teacher, introduced her welcoming speech.

A sincere thank you to the priests, pastors of our parishes, to the parents’ committee, to the parents and friends for sharing the joy of our Providence Academy “Angels” singing Immanuel with Mary! Thanks to the educational community and more particularly to Sr. Nisrine and to the animating team of this angelic recital so gracefully orchestrated and full of colors and charm, inaugurated by a first presentation of “The Holy Trinity and the Angels”, which plunged us into an atmosphere of true Christmas.

Additionally, how can we not congratulate the “Angels” of this celebration for their excellent interpretation of the Bible scenes, dances and various Christmas carols! “May the Divine Child, the God of love and tenderness, guard you, my angels, your dear parents and teachers, in health and happiness, and let the coming year bring you abundant blessings!”