End the 2021-2022 School Year in Style and Colour


Graduation and End of School Year Celebration

A Message from School Principal 2021-2022

“Who ignores the pedagogical interest of art in the development of the child: His or her sensory perception, motor skills, imagination, openness to the world, social interactions, creative skills? Thanks to a motivated pedagogical team, full of energy and enthusiasm, the projects carried out in the classes have made children happy, curious, open to the world around them, and confident in life. »

“Success in life depends, in large part, on the communication and the mastery of language. It is well accepted and known that one of the most universal languages that exists is the language of art and music. During this school year, our Providence Academy was buzzing like bees, with enthusiasm and art at the heart of its curriculum, to lead the students on the right path in their academic journey. ”

With these words, Mrs. Renée Ojail and Mrs. Manal Badr, welcomed, on behalf of the administrative and educational community, the parents who gathered in large numbers to participate in the wonderful cultural event that made emotions dance: the Carnival of the Arts.

Thanks to the educational team supervised by Sr. Nisrine and supported by Mrs. Colette Aoun, educational advisor, for this cultural initiative! Thanks to Mrs. Renée and Mrs. Manal for their words of welcome and for warmly opening the carnival. Special thanks to Mrs. Mireille Béchara, the computer teacher, who taught the students to make logos and QR codes to add to the posters and flags of their classes.

Very cordial congratulations to the parents for their encouragement and to the dear and talented students who worked hard to end the school year in style and color! Best wishes for a relaxing and well-deserved vacation!