Our School's Emblem Symbolizes symbolizes the three following ideas:

The three columns, in the center, symbolize the Holy Trinity:

Our school is a Christian school that nourishes the children’s faith in Jesus Christ. The blue used on the columns is the color of the Antonine Tau. The three columns are also associated with the trilingual aspect of the school: our school teachers the two official languages of Canada, French and English being taught as first languages, and Arabic or another international language as second language.

The stylized cedar tree reflects the Libano-canadian aspect of the school:

The cedar tree also represents a bridge between the past and the future. Its roots are laid down deep in the past and bear the fruits of the years to come: a school built on solid roots prepares well the future generations.

The sun is the symbol of liberty and continuity:

Its rising and setting show definite signs of hope, optimism and continuity. It is also a source of light and knowledge that liberation humans. It is in the spirit of this logo that we educate and teach.