The Budding Speakers 2016

Event details

“Grade 1 students present a collection of thanks and gratitude to their parents, their teachers and friends. They are grateful for the free beauties that surround them and amaze their senses. They invite us to offer our warm smile to the people we meet every day.” With these words, Emma Buis presented the 1st graders and the audience applauded them warmly.

As for the 2nd graders, some had their charades to express their gratitude. Florence Gignac introduced them and invited the audience to welcome them. “My first and second serve to advance, my all is someone who takes care of us and loves us very much! Who is it? And the answer: Thank you Dad, for your love and always being by my side. You are my hero and I love you very much. You protect me from all danger and you are always present for me.” This was one of the charades while others were about mothers, teachers, learning, and giving thanks. Other students also had their poems of gratitude, in English and Arabic, towards Dad, Mom, and their teachers. “Thank you for your attention! Thank you for coming!” This is how the presentation ended.

3rd and 4th graders shared several passages in three languages, composed by them. These passages were rich in vocabulary and coherent structure, in French, English, and Arabic. Adelaïde Gignac was to present them with these words: “Grades 3 and 4 students will present their gratitude through a vivid conversation they composed, a dramatic reading about an essential change to be able to live in the light of God and a sincere thank- you to all the wonderful things they have. Let’s all welcome them!” This is how their gratitude was addressed to Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters, close relatives, friends, different people, people in the armed forces, teachers and the school (as their second family), the benefactors, the Earth and its products, the fascinating creatures of the seas, oceans and water springs, the guardian angels, and the Lord God creator and light of the world.

Congratulations, to our “Budding Speakers”! It is wonderful that all these deep feelings of gratitude are expressed in French or in English as well as in Arabic! Thank you to the pedagogical team for the success of this activity centered on the theme of the school year “Gratitude and Gratuitousness”! Sincere congratulations to all of you, your teachers and your parents!