“Budding Speakers” 2019

Event details

Acquiring the art of expressing themselves easily in three languages in front of an audience and developing values and self-confidence were the objectives of the 2018-2019 public speaking activity of Cycle 2.

Under the supervision of Mrs. Marie-Roger Chekrallah, Mrs. Mireille Bechara and Sr. Lamia Iskandar, the first graders presented a collection of skits and songs, in three languages, to express their joy in developing their verbal expression, their confidence in themselves and a number of values: “Pay attention and listen to what Mom says”, “What Mom teaches me”, “Mabrouk Ya Baba”, “I take care of myself”, “A family, they are people who care for you.” “If I study hard at school, I will become very smart.”

Under the supervision of Mrs. Marie Roger, Mrs. Liseby Liris, Mrs. Mireille Bechara, and Mrs. Rana Chamoun, the second and third graders had joyfully presented stories, poems and fables of La Fontaine centered on the theme “When I want, I can “and bearers of family values, aesthetic, moral and social: A tribute to family that teaches us to love, honor and obey. Showing Willingness to work because where there is a will, there is a way to discover, succeed and grow. Beware of the flattering error that takes away souls. To learn that work is a treasure, that one can bend and not break and that to swell too much one would burst.
Bravo, our “budding speakers” for all these wonderful acquisitions and congratulations to your parents! Thanks to your teachers for the good choice of texts centered on the theme of the school year and rich in vocabulary and values!