“Budding Speakers” 2020

Event details

Learn to live together.

In the era of technology, each person is connected to their robot which replaces them in the smallest of tasks: at school, at home, everywhere. A group of grade 1 students, under the supervision of Mrs. Rasha Habib, wanted to find out together what their reaction would be when their robots broke down, and had to get used to the use of books. This was their commitment for the two terms of the school year. Another group, with the animation of Madame Reine Chlela, wanted to demonstrate in Arabic that everything in nature invites us to live together.

The grade 2 students, under the supervision of Mrs. Mireille Bechara and Mrs. Rasha Habib, presented Little Mister who entered the stage with cards stuck on his clothes and on which read: LOVE, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, and SELF-CONTROL. An amusing skit involving the classmates and inviting them to exchange their signs inspiring disorientation or loss with those of Little Mister considered as the Fruit of the Spirit to get rid of the confusion.
The grade 3 students presented three Fables of La Fontaine under the supervision of Mrs. Najat Chennoufi: “The Hen that Laid the Golden Eggs” whose moral is to know how to appreciate what we have and not always ask for more; “The Lion and the Rat” in which Jean de la Fontaine teaches us that we must respect those who seem weak because everyone has their qualities and brings something to others, and “The Farmer and His Children” which teaches us that work is a treasure for men and that it is necessary to work today to harvest later.
What wonderful acquisitions and excellent verbal and bodily expressions! Congratulations to our “Budding Speakers” and their parents! Thank you to the teachers for the good choice of subjects stimulating and rich in values!