“Speakers en bourgeons” 2020

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What is life?

Life is mostly you! For all the children of the Earth, this is a song as a prayer. These words summarized the content of the nursery rhymes that the students of Cycle 1 presented for their 2020 public speaking.

With a lot of grace and charm, and animated by Mrs. Lisette Mazraani, the students of the Junior Kindergarten took the stage to define “The Life” of Adelbert in front of their parents. Is it music, emotion, a compliment, nostalgia, carelessness, kindness, hope, a rainbow, growing up, childhood? Life is a little bit of all that but above all it is you who has to surround it.
The students of the Senior Kindergarten, with their heads crowned like the stars that shine in the sky and with their clear voices, interpreted, under the supervision of Sr. May Ghorra, their song as a prayer for all the children of the Earth. They wanted to sow life without borders and reunite the love of humanity. “We don’t want the end of the world; what we want is still being able to love each other” ended their beautiful song.
Congratulations to our “speakers en bourgeons”, their parents and their teachers for the success of this activity based on the meaning of life and the desire to reunite the love of humanity!