“Speakers in the making” 2020

Event details

A variety of messages characterized the public speaking activity that took place on February 13. One of the main objectives of this activity was to allow students in cycles 3 and 4 to demonstrate the quality of their public speaking skills.

An adaptation of the famous tale, “Little Thumb” by Jacinthe Cloutier, was the presentation of a group of grade 4 students while the second group shared the Operetta of “Love” by Gibran Khalil Gibran with their clear voices. “The Problem” of Christian Lamblin occupied a group of grade 5 students whereas the other group, in a humorous way, shared in Arabic dialect expressions which are the same, but with different accents corresponding to different Arabic-speaking countries. Everything took place under the supervision of teachers Rana Chamoun, Liseby Lisis and Reine Chlela.

Divided into subgroups, the students of cycle 4, under the supervision of their language teachers Liseby Lisis, Najat Chennoufi, Reine Chlela, Mireille Bechara and Anaid Mandujano, interpreted, either in French, English, Arabic or Spanish, skits, poems and prose texts articulated around the theme of the year “I am committed” in its relationship with the topics of creativity, poverty and diversity in the world; global warming and the environment; student learning and success; reducing the carbon footprint; the technology that takes precedence over our lives, and the challenges of staying connected to our roots. A job interview in Spanish was also included in this category.

Congratulations to our “Speakers in the making” and their parents for the eloquent speaking skills demonstrated in four languages! Thank you to their teachers for all the efforts made to meet the objectives of this activity in its relationship with this year’s theme “I am committed” which was perceived by our young speakers!