"I am capable! I am responsible! "

Public Speaking 2017

“This theme strongly reflects alongside the objectives of public speaking activity that is becoming a tradition at the Providence Academy, one of the objectives of its mission to train responsible citizens who are aware of their role in the community and are capable of engaging in a multicultural environment. ” On behalf of the teaching team, Mrs. Lisette Mazraani introduced her welcoming speech to an audience of parents and administrative staff of Providence.

“Through a variety of presentations, poems, songs and skits,” she continues, “your children will demonstrate to you that they are capable of being kind, self-reliant and serious, they are trying to work hard, to succeed and behave with respect for oneself, respect of the school rules and social life, and to overcome the various difficulties they may encounter.

Thomas Edison had said, ‘If we did everything we could do, we would be stunned.’ So let’s encourage our children, first by paying attention to what they are going to present and, please, by avoiding leaving the gymnasium before the end of the show where the very last of our speakers will have finished their presentation. Then, let’s encourage them with simple words such as ‘You are capable’ or ‘You made an excellent presentation!’, ‘Bravo! Keep it up! ’, ‘You have shown that you are responsible!’ They will do wonders and surprise us with their beautiful actions that, in the future, will help build a better world in which all human beings will be valued and live in peace and harmony. ”

Thank you, Mrs Lisette, for your relevant and enthusiastic welcoming speech! Sincere congratulations to our “speakers”, their parents and the members of the teaching team!