A show embellished with the art of public speaking!

A Message from the Principal


“This year, public speaking, the art of expressing oneself or speaking in public, focuses on a diversity of subjects that revolve around the theme “I am committed” where students and teachers show their commitment to shedding the light on the value of each of the chosen topics.” It was with these words that Mrs. Lisette Mazraani introduced her welcoming speech.

This activity, whose objective is to promote the development of public speaking, was rich in subjects such as “C’est quoi la vie” by Aldebert, with his wonderful and touching song about life, the innocent curiosity of children and the innocence of their questions about the complexity of existence; the children of the land of Jean M. Auel who wanted to reunite the love of humanity; Almahaba, “Love” by Gibran Khalil Gibran, chosen from his intellectual and literary encyclopedia; Fables of La Fontaine; Little Thumb; the emblem of today’s technology; motivational speeches on the current problems of our planetary environment: poverty, global warming, creativity and more. This year’s spectacle was interesting, not only by its variety, but by the progress of the development of the public speaking skills of students which exceeds the simple memorization of their parts.

Congratulations to our future “speakers” and their proud parents! A big thank you to the teachers of the three languages of the academic program for their good choice of texts in French, English, Arabic or Spanish, for the excellent training of the students and for their remarkable speaking skills!