Time of Thanksgiving, Friendship and Sharing!

Enjoying our 2018 Thanksgiving

What a joy to live an intense time of Thanksgiving, friendship and sharing!

The celebration of the “Canadian Thanksgiving” has become a traditional event at the Providence Academy. Students, generously supported by their parents and teachers, participate with joy and gratitude and offer their parents greeting cards and crafts prepared under the supervision of their art teachers.

As usual, this day was inaugurated by the participation in the mass presided over by the Reverend Father Fredette at the Saint Sebastian Church on October 5 and attended by the educational community, the parents and the parishioners. The celebration began with an entry song: « Merci d’un coeur reconnaissant au Seigneur Dieu trois fois saint qui a fait de grandes choses pour nous ! » and ended with a Thanksgiving hymn after the word of congratulations and encouragement from the celebrant. “A very happy Thanksgiving day and best wishes go to all parents, Provindence Academy’s students and to our beautiful community”, reports Mrs. Amal Jabbour.

The shared snack was held harmoniously in the hall of the Academy, thanks to the gracious service of the pedagogical team supported by Léa Abouzeid, a former student of the academy. This was a source of joy, gratitude and friendship for the students who began this gathering to the rhythm of the song: « Merci mille fois merci, pour tout ce qui vient de toi et pour tout ce je reçois, merci ! ». “ The whole school gathered together and celebrated all the blessing received by the Lord. As a one family, thankfully, we prayed all together and enjoyed a light snack today at the lobby”.

Thank you to Father Fredette for his kindness and to the parents for their generosity! Thank you to the teaching team, especially Religion and Arts teachers for the excellent time of beauty, joy, sharing and graces! We would like to thank you all, wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving and a great and happy long Weekend!