To express gratitude!

Thanksgiving 2023

Thanksgiving 2023 – To express gratitude!

“To express gratitude for the year’s blessings, the Providence Academy family attended Thanksgiving Mass on Friday, October 6.

After the mass, the students shared a snack, a tradition inherent to this annual celebration, where families and friends gather around a hearty feast, each bringing something to share. Thanksgiving serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude, love for loved ones, and generosity toward those less fortunate, prompting reflection on our blessings. This is how the current students also welcomed the alumni who had spread their wings towards other horizons and who had returned, for a day, to the premises of the Academy where they had grown up.

We particularly thank our young student who wonderfully played the cello and Dr. Pascal Bastien, who taught and practiced the mass service with the grade 6 students, highlighting the beauty of the liturgical celebration!

The teaching and administrative teams also had their moment of conviviality around traditional Thanksgiving dishes. They shared beautiful moments, marked by good humor and gratitude for the blessings of the divine Providence.”

Thank you to the educational and administrative team supervised by Sr. Nisrine for this excellent time of beauty, sharing and Thanksgiving! Thank you to the priest of the Saint Sébastien parish for his kindness and beautiful homily and to the parents for their generosity! A special thank you to Mrs. Anne-Valérie Boustany for the excellent recount of the event and to Mrs. Mireille Bechara for the translation of the text. A grateful thank to Dr. Pascal Bastien and his son Eli, the cellist, for their beautiful and pious liturgical service!

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