Thanksgiving Celebration 2017

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! Eternal is his love!

Enjoying our 2017 Thanksgiving

What a joy to live an intense time of grace and sharing!

The objective of the celebration of the “Canadian Thanksgiving”, which has become a traditional event at the Providence Academy, was to live a moment of Thanksgiving and sharing in the framework of the current school year’s theme “I am capable, I am responsible.” Like every year, the students were well prepared for this celebration.

Thus, having a strong understanding on how to take responsibility and express their gratitude to God, to their parents and teachers, and to their friendship to their peers, all students have had the joy to participate in the mass celebrated at Saint Sebastian Church on October 6 which was also attended by the educational community, parents and parishioners. After the word of congratulation, encouragement, and the blessing of the celebrant, Reverend Father Fredette, the students ended this celebration by a Thanksgiving song.

Thanks to the elegant service of the educational team assisted by the eldest students and a few of the former students of the Academy, the lobby was transformed and the family of Providence gathered to the rhythm of the song: “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! He is the one who has done wonders!” to share a snack provided by the parents.

Thanks to father Fredette for his homily and to the parents for their generosity! Thanks to the teaching staff, especially Religion and Arts teachers for the great highlight of the meaning of the event! Thank you to the organizing committee and former students for the success of this day spent in joy to serve, to socialize, to share, and to thank God with a loving and grateful heart!
To all of you, good wishes for a happy Thanksgiving! May all your days be blessed by God’s grace and love!