Science Fair 2016 • Grades 4, 5 and 6

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 Our future researchers

The Science Fair arouses in students the taste of research and the development of initiation.

In collaboration with the teaching staff, Mrs. Carmen Khoury, the Science and Technology teacher, had planned different projects focusing on research, following the scientific method and developing critical thinking for the science fair 2016.

Whether they worked individually or in pairs, grades 4 and 5 students carried out researches on diseases that can affect the operation of the body systems. Their projects reflected not only how seriously the students had conducted their research and the extent of their knowledge, but also their respect of the scientific method: the various projects, titled and harmoniously displayed, could distinguish a logical plan including a brief description of the disease, symptoms, causes and treatment.

It was also impressive and interesting to listen to the 6th graders present, with ease and fluency, their projects designed and constructed in the field of electrical energy while applying experiments supported by research. The presentations enabled to view the scientific method in its five main stages: the purpose of the research, the hypothesis, the material, the interpretation and the result.

An acknowledgement note expressing thanks concluded each presentation.
Thank you to Mrs. Carmen for her initiative and for Mrs. Mireille and Miss Mirna for their support.

Congratulations to our dear students for their initiative and innovation!