Science Fair 2016 • Introduction

Event details


To stimulate interest in science among students and to promote the consolidation of knowledge in science were, among others, the objectives of the Science Fair held on April 21, 2016.

It was indeed an opportunity for the teaching staff to introduce students to the scientific method, the observation of the surrounding environment and the exploration of various topics of personal interest. The peak of this event was its closing: a mini-symposium on diseases of the human body systems and their treatment. Parents, who are doctors, were invited to this mini-symposium and responded with great interest and enthusiasm to the various questions of grades 4 and 5 students, and wanted to encourage them by expressing their thoughts and congratulations:

“Thank you for the invitation to the science fair and especially to the science mini- symposium that we had with the grades 4 and 5 students of the Providence Academy. The quality of the posters and the oral presentations by the students were excellent. Their knowledge on multiple diseases of the human body was impressive for their age level. I congratulate and encourage them to continue to excel in their studies as well as their scientific and medical knowledge.” These words were stated by Dr. Maya Doumit, a gastroenterologist.

“I congratulate you as well as your teachers for this level of academic excellence that we find among the students of Providence Academy that is above standard,” expresses Dr. Dalia Saikaly, a dermatologist.

Thank you and congratulations to the teaching staff, especially to Mrs. Carmen Maalouf for her excellent work that was above and beyond all expectations! Thank you Mrs. Mireille and Miss Mirna for helping the students make the most creative posters. A big thank you to the doctors: Dr. Rima Aina, Dr. Maya Doumit, Dr. Fadi Azzi and Dr. Dalia Saikaly for their availability and encouraging testimony!