Art Oratoire 2015

Public Speaking Event

The environmental education integrated with the art of public speaking

The public speaking is an educational activity that follows the shared snack of Thanksgiving, which responds to one of the educational objectives of the trilingual program at the Providence Academy, that is the acquisition of oral fluency and some verbal eloquence beside the development of body language abilities and self-esteem in children.

We believe that this activity, which took place on November 5, is of great importance today as the electronic means of communication are invading the interest of our children at the expense of the verbal communication, the love of reading, and the participation in public speaking. These points supported the great theme of our school year: saving the planet “threatened with destruction by global warming.”

Mrs. Lisette Mazraani started the show by using the words of Pope Francis I: “Humanity is called to realize the need to achieve changes in lifestyle, production and consumption to fight global warming.” While Cloe Abou Assali, grade 6 student, ended the show by a thankful word: “Dear parents, hoping to meet you in December for our Christmas concert, I want to thank you for your presence here today and I encourage you to change a few habits to better protect our planet.”