Art Oratoire 2016

Acquire the art of Speaking

“As you know, public speaking is a tradition at the Providence Academy whose main objective is to develop self-confidence and to acquire the art of speaking to an audience in order to develop the speaker’s image while respecting their own style. “

With these words, Mrs. Lisette introduces her welcoming speech to an audience made up of many parents who came to rejoice with the pedagogical team by listening to the students express their public speaking skills which did not lack in eloquence and presented in four languages, with songs, poems, and the interpretations of “skits” many of them were written by the highest grades.

The whole program was centered on the theme of the current school year “Gratitude and Gratuitousness”. “At the Providence Academy, we want to develop tomorrow’s leaders. We have a lot to learn from our children, so let’s listen to them, “continued Mrs. Lisette. Without further ado, I would like to welcome the school principal with applause.”

Thank you, Madame Lisette, for the relevant and enthusiastic speech! Sincere congratulations to our “speakers”, their parents and the educational community!