Promoting initiative, creativity and the scientific mind

April 19, 2018

The Science Fair is a yearly activity of the Providence Academy’s program that aims to develop students’ scientific mind and creativity by inspiring them to learn how to explore the world and demonstrate their skills in science and technology.

The program of this activity that took place on Thursday, April 19 in the premises of the Providence Academy was extremely rich in experiments and generously supported by posters, drawings and models as well as the quality of the oral presentations of students. The event showed respect for the scientific process in its various stages, the variety of the areas explored and the artistic and linguistic skills applied to the scientific and technological fields.

Congratulations, dear students, young and old, to you, to your teachers and parents who are proud of you! Thanks to the members of the teaching staff, especially for the science, visual arts and computer teachers, for the extensive knowledge demonstrated by their students and to have initiated them to explore topics that support the development of creativity, the scientific mind and innovation.

View our program of the Science Fair 2018, including the objectives:  View the Program