Public Speaking: 14 February, 2019

An activity that has become a tradition at the Providence Academy!

Public Speaking 2019

“This long-awaited moment has come, one that offers our valued students the opportunity to express themselves in public. The oratory skills they develop through the practice of this activity go beyond learning by heart to tackle, at least, three fields of development: verbal, vocal and physical. Based on a variety of presentations, poems, songs and skits, these skills show that our students are capable of learning because they want to.” With these words, Mrs. Lisette Mazraani introduces her welcoming speech to parents, on behalf of the Providence Academy.

Indeed, this educational activity offered as part of this year’s theme “Where there is a will, there is a way” and following the Thanksgiving shared snack and the Christmas recital, meets the educational objectives of the trilingual program of the Providence Academy which is anxious to promote a harmonious development of all the capabilities of the children especially in a world where the screen and the electronic means of communication invade their interest at the expense of the verbal communication, the joy of reading and speaking in public.

Congratulations to our speakers and thank you to the teaching team for the good preparation for this event! Congratulations to the parents whose great presence is proof of the importance they place on their children’s speaking skills that go beyond memorizing to tackle the three fields of development: verbal, vocal and physical!